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Break Activity

It's time for our break activity!

We are doing Love Secrets, this is a fun little challenge that lets all of us spread some love. All entries are anonymous and after the deadline I will post them all in one post. Love secrets are sort of small postcards you send to a person, team, whatever. The secrets are usually made by using some sort of pic that represents the thing you love and some text.

For examples you can look at landlovesecrets or the last time we did this.

01. First and foremost, be nice. These are love secrets. If they're not nice, they won't be posted. Period.

02. Secrets must be no larger than 700x700.

03. Upload your image to an anonymous image host.

04. Secrets can be about anything related to this community - challenges, teams, comm as a whole, specific users, show, whatever.

05. No points! No pressure! No limit to have many secrets you make!

Posting rules etc are all stolen from digitaldesigner. This post will be public to allow anon comments :D

Secrets are due on Monday 14th at 6pm GMT/UTC.
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Ask them here! :D
I'm so excited for this! I might need to steal this idea for my land comm. :P If you don't mind..

I already have, like, 5 in mind to do. Oh dear..
Of course I don't mind :D I stole it myself after all ^^

But this is unlimited! You can make as many as you want :D

Oh that icon gets me every time.

Re: Questions?


March 8 2011, 18:26:38 UTC 5 years ago Edited:  March 8 2011, 18:26:51 UTC

I love that icon! :D

Screened comment

Gifs are fine :D
Any chance you can extend the deadline until maybe 8 or 9 pm ? I need a nap now but wanted to make something when I wake back up.
Sure, I'll hold off posting until tomorrow morning. I'm a little busy tonight anyway ^^